LORCANA GRAND CELEBRATION @ Walden Galleria, Buffalo! Next one is 5/5. 4/7 cancelled due to eclipse. Every First Sun of the Month, 1pm, $50


Lorcana Grand Celebration @ GEA- Buffalo, Walden Galleria!  Every First Sunday of the month at 1pm (24 person limit)


*** Our next Lorcana Grand Celebration is on Sun, 5/5/24.  There will be no Grand Celebration on 4/7  due to the eclipse and how busy Buffalo is expected to be.  We apologize for the inconvenience. ***

What: LORCANA GRAND CELEBRATION @ Walden Galleria, Buffalo ~ 1/2 Box (12 Packs) of the current set added to the prize pool per player!

When: Every First Sun @ 1pm (24 person limit)

Where: Great Escape Adventures (Buffalo, Walden Galleria)



Casual Disney Lorcana Core Constructed Tournament – Players may use a starter deck or build a deck with a 60-card minimum, a maximum of two inks, no proxies, and maximum of four cards with the same full name. Deck list NOT required.

Players will engage in the best of 5 Rounds of 3 matches each.  50 minute rounds.  At the end of a round, any games remaining will immediately go to turns, beginning with Turn 0 and ending on Turn 5.


Prize Support:

Rewards will be shared with all players beginning with the last position and ramping up to 1st! *Prizing adds 12 booster packs of the current set to the prize pool per player.

*This event does NOT count toward league prizes. Please join us for League every Saturday at 1pm!