January 19, 2023

Game Master & Volunteer Rewards Program

REWARDS PROGRAM - Game Masters, Exhibitors, and Volunteers

Great Escape on the Lake wouldn’t be the same without our Game Masters, exhibitors, and volunteers that help make this event so much fun!  Please submit your events through Tabletop.events as soon as possible, but no later than Aug. 1st, 2023 to qualify for the rewards program.  THANK YOU for making this such an awesome event.

* To receive rewards, please register for the GM Rewards Program by emailing us prior to Aug. 1st, 2023 if you submit at least 1+ hours of events, and if you also understand and agree to the guidelines shown below.  Please submit your games for approval and scheduling prior to applying.  Questions?  E-mail: GEOTL@GreatEscapeAdventures.net.

* All GM’s and exhibitors must use TableTop.Events.com for scheduling.

* GM’s must use sign-in sheets for each tabletop event and turn them in daily to receive rewards.  Please give them to registration (in dining hall) so we can properly credit your events.

* GM’s must schedule events, show up at their assigned table on time,  set up and prepare, and must do their due diligence to attempt to run the hours scheduled to receive rewards associated with the respective tier levels.  Exhibitors must exhibit during the specified time.

* GM’s will have free raffle tickets to hand out at their scheduled games. Players that sign up in advance for games on TableTop.Events will be given 2 free raffle tickets at every game played!

* GM’s still receive swag for no shows of scheduled games, however, even if there are no signups online, GM’s must show up and attempt to fill empty spots for 15 minutes before cancelling a game.  Please indicate on sign up sheets that no players showed up after 15 minutes.

* Free admission and lodging must be purchased up front even if you will be able to lead the number of hours to earn the reward.  Reward refunds will be processed immediately following the event.

1+ Hours (Min 1 game, exhibitor demonstration, workshop)
♦  Free Raffle tickets – 1 per hour of scheduled events.

8+ Hours (Min 2 games, exhibitor demonstrations, workshops)
♦  All previous items + Game Master recognition in the convention booklet.
♦  GM Exclusive Collectible Lanyard Pin.

12+ Hours (Min 3 games, exhibitor demonstrations, workshops)
♦  All previous items + GM Swag Bag

16+ Hours (Min 4 games, exhibitor demonstrations, workshops)
♦  All previous items + GM Custom Event T-shirt (please provide your size in your GM registration e-mail).
♦  This shirt has super powers, it provides a bonus of 20% OFF all purchases through Great Escape Adventures store during the entire event. Must be WEARING T-shirt for discount. *Discount applies to GM only.

20+ Hours (Min 5 games, exhibitor demonstrations, workshops)
♦  All previous items + Full Event Admission.
♦  Grab one free bottled water to take with you prior to your game.

24+ Hours (Min 6 games, exhibitor demonstrations, workshops)
♦  All previous items + a small surprise gift!

28+ Hours (Min 7 games, exhibitor demonstrations, workshops, and/or volunteering, e.g. setup/tear down, Quest NPC, & helping as needed)
♦  All previous items + Full Event Lodging.  CHOOSE ONE – A, B, or C: A) One Campsite, B) One Twin Bed in a Shared Cabin, or C) One fully covered individual contribution toward a cabin of your groups choice.  Reward for 1 bed = cabin price / number of beds.


The reward system for leading workshops and volunteering in other areas will be similar to the GM Swag. See above guidelines.

Examples include: leather working and pottery workshops, scheduled volunteer shifts, helping in areas as needs arise.

Great Escape on the Lake

"The Most Adventurous Experience Ever"

The Community Board Game Network is a not-for-profit humanitarian organization that utilizes creativity, adventure, and board gaming to add value to local communities. All funds collected are used for expenses related to Great Escape on the Lake.  Our desire is to be able to fairly cover the expenses of those providing services for us.  *Application process underway for 501(c)3 status.

Refunds, less a 10% convenience fee, are provided up until Sat, July 1st, 2023. All purchases are final after Sat, July 1st.

Great Escape on the Lake
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