Magic the Gathering Commander Mystic Intellect


  • CARVE YOUR PATH TO VICTORY. Choose from 3 fierce legendary creatures to lead your deck or help build new ones—all printed here for the first time.
  • POWER + SYNERGY. Commander 2019: Mystic Intellect is built on intricate synergies that reward you for casting spells from your graveyard.
  • JOIN THE FRAY. Commander is a Magic: The Gathering (MTG) multiplayer format where alliances are formed, friends are betrayed, and grudges are repaid with a vengeance.
  • COLLECT ALL FOUR. Merciless Rage is one of four decks in the Commander 2019 series.
  • PLAY THE GAME THAT STARTED IT ALL. The original strategy card game, Magic: The Gathering (MTG) has inspired more than 20 million fans over 25 years.

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Choose your commander and carve your path to victory in this unique multiplayer Magic format. Team up with a legendary creature that powers up your strategy and capitalize on your superior synergies to make sure you’re the last player standing.

The Mystic Intellect deck features classic control elements that stymie your opponents and limit their choices. Many cards give you bonuses for casting instants or sorceries, and flashback lets you reap those rewards twice as often to tilt the battlefield in your favor.

Sevinne, the Chronoclasm

Sevinne is a wizard with a taste for adventure and a love of exploration. Trained at the Tolarian Academy, he grew restless with book learning and, as soon as he gained his wizard’s mantle, left to roam the world. As a gifted sorcerer with an encyclopedic knowledge of the arcane arts, he relies on his magical prowess to aid him in his escapades across Dominaria.

Elsha of the Infinite

As the first-ever djinn to earn the title of head abbot at the Sage-Eye Stronghold, Elsha is more than capable to lead. Strong, patient, and wise, she is an unparalleled master of martial magic, using her quick reflexes to cast spells in the blink of an eye.

Pramikon, Sky Rampart

On a plane perpetually cloaked in mist, a mysterious wall rises from the surface of the ocean. It seems to have no end, instead stretching off for miles in either direction. Anyone who approaches it finds themselves suddenly veering off towards unexpected destinations—as though an unseen hand is determined to steer them away.


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