August 13, 2022

Roleplaying & LARP (Live Action Roleplay)

Roleplay & LARP (Live Action Roleplay) #GEOTL23

Our goal for the overall event culture of Great Escape on the Lake includes a fantasy medieval feel where roleplaying is welcome at whatever level of immersion you may enjoy, a board game convention in full swing, and a general understanding that we will see muggles strolling through camp doing other things. Our best examples so you can plan ahead for LARP, Roleplaying, and Castle Quests would be to check out the Narnia series by C.S. Lewis, the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien, and the Princess Bride.

While the details may change each year, we keep the general "fantasy medieval" theme the same each year so that folks can plan ahead, invest in tents, decorations for cabins, acquire roleplaying gear, and develop their characters year over year as may be desired.

If you wish to participate in the LARP, there is no prohibition to taking breaks from role play to shop, play board games or enjoy any of the camp activities you may wish. Those new to LARP are invited and welcome.

We are in our 3rd year and adding new things! There are a few Roleplaying opportunities this year:

♦ NEW this year - Castle Quests & roleplaying as you go. Start the Castle Quest lines in the Castle (Dining Hall).
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“The true object of all human life is play.” G.K. Chesterton

This LARP community is in its third year of development. Our guiding philosophy is in the creation of an environment where participants can indulge in the activity of play. 

We wish each participant to explore the character that they have created in a shared world where magic works, magical creatures have been known to appear, treasure is real and the imagination rules. 

There is the possibility of combat, (using approved foam weapons, nerf crossbows, etc.) but combat is not the focus. Players are playing with one another, not against. The challenges players may face are varied and should be approached in the attitude of play. The overall objective is to have fun with others.

“It is a Happy Talent, to know how to play.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Over the past two years we have followed a treasure map or two, rescued a kidnapped victim, dealt with a werewolf on the full moon, opened a gateway to the magical fey (Faerie) lands, magically renewed the land, produced magical and herbal potions, learned the secrets of runic texts, enabled the healing of one once dead, reaped treasures from magical groves, had fun storming (climbing) the castle, solved riddles and puzzles, learned the essentials of alchemy, participated in archery and combat tournaments, learned to dance, and made explorations of the surroundings. An adventuring school has established itself, as well as a “tavern”. Because, as you well know, at some point in every adventure, you will meet in a tavern.

This year, the LARP headquarters will be in the pavilion on the activity field below the chapel. Players will be able to camp in the field adjacent to the pavilion. The pavilion shall house our “Tavern/Dining Hall”, separate this year from the board gaming dining. We shall be preparing and serving meals in our field kitchen for your dining pleasure. We will have an adventuring marketplace, as well as arrangements with the merchants and vendors for “in game purchases and interactions.”

During the morning hours we shall host role playing seminars to assist players in creating well rounded characters and learning the ins and outs of role play {like, what happens if my character dies, or how do we make magic work?} Players will have the opportunity to learn/practice costume creation, weapon, prop, and magical item building as well as take classes (in character, a la Hogwarts) to learn and practice skills that may be necessary for your characters in our adventures. You choose what you may wish to experience each afternoon.

Each evening, Wednesday-Saturday, role play in a tavern setting will take place for characters to meet, form parties or alliances, enjoy refreshments and beverages and tavern games, sing, dance, tell tales, or even make music.

We may be expanding our play to the lake and the island, if all goes well. We will have an official (Robin Hood style) archery contest. (Details to follow.) A tournament of arms is also in the works.

Possibilities being explored: Fencing and sword combat lessons, Arms and armor displays and/or demonstrations, Field cooking demonstrations.
A schedule of events will be forthcoming in the spring of 2023.

NEW this year - Castle Quests

Available in Castle (Dining Hall)

We encourage everybody to roleplay as much as they are comfortable and enjoy it (optional).  Together we are creating an immersive medieval and fantasy environment.  Feel free to dress up and get in character even if you are playing board games all day!

Another great time to get in full garb is the medieval castle feast in the dining hall on Saturday at 6pm.  Roleplay is encouraged, but not required.

What is Castle Questing?  

Castle Quests range from very easy to more difficult.  Some can be fulfilled playing board games, while others may require a bit of scavenging or working with others to achieve the goals.  Quests provide varying levels of rewards.  Some quests unlock other quests, while some reward real gold dollar coins or raffle tickets and more!  Quests are not completely linear, meaning sometimes they are one-off quests that stand on their own and can be skipped if desired…while other quests are critical to progression.

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Great Escape on the Lake

"The Most Adventurous Experience Ever"

The Community Board Game Network is a not-for-profit humanitarian organization that utilizes creativity, adventure, and board gaming to add value to local communities. All funds collected are used for expenses related to Great Escape on the Lake.  Our desire is to be able to fairly cover the expenses of those providing services for us.  *Application process underway for 501(c) status.

Refunds, less a 10% convenience fee, are provided up until Sat, July 1st, 2023. All purchases are final after Sat, July 1st.

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