Roleplay & LARP (Live Action Roleplay) #GEOTL24

LARP - Join an immersive unfolding story in the Kingdom of Gonzaie!

Loosely based on an unpublished book by GEOTL founder, Ken Yentzer. Led by a team of GM’s and including interactive NPC’s for an immersive adventure! Find the Fire Swamp! Meals available in the Castle (Dining Hall). Submit your character to – we will work with you to create a new character or use one of your own! More details to come!

CASTLE QUESTS - Play at your own pace. Self-guided quests with NPC interactions and updates.

This is great for those that are interested in quests and roleplaying in the Kingdom of Gonzaie, but are interested in playing as they go, rather than the fully immersive LARP experience.  Start  the Castle Quest lines in the Castle (Dining Hall). 

ESCAPE ROOM - Adventure for an hour with a band of merry folk! Will your adventuring party prevail?!

LARP Planning

& Roleplaying overview in preparation for GEOTL!

Make haste!  You have been invited by the King and Queen of the Kingdom of Gonzaie to help with a grand adventure of utmost importance!  Sail into the Port of Gonzaie and meet up with other courageous travelers at the “Rampant Ferret Tavern”.

Your fantasy adventure continues year-over-year with the same or different characters!  Please send player and character information, along with any questions, to at your earliest convenience.  Thank you!

Our Vision for LARP

We want to create an immersive fantasy medieval culture for all ages.  A realm where roleplaying is welcome at whatever level of immersion you may enjoy, camp and lake activities such as archery, axe throwing, boating, climbing wall, Castle Quests, a merchant sector (vendors), a board game convention in full swing, and a general understanding that we will see “villagers” strolling through camp…

While the details may change each year, we keep the general “fantasy medieval” theme the same so that folks can plan ahead, invest in tents, thematic decorations, acquire roleplaying gear, and develop year over year as may be desired.


Let me tell you a story…our adventure begins here…

“Hoist sail, ye flea bitten sea dogs!”, raged the infuriated captain of the vessel.  As the scow slowly slipped from the docks, red streamers of newfound dawn began to edge over the horizon.  Glimpses of shadows appeared and were gone as the bustle of merchants slowly crowded the littered streets in the now distant port of Gonzaie.”

It’s a new age…many moons have set since the historians dusted off the legends that befell us before to recount our wonderous triumphs, blights and woes, and our adventures beyond imagination and compare.  We find ourselves in the 5th Age.  Dragons, both good and evil, have been spotted in the northern mountains.  The fire swamp, now the land of the Diji, find themselves searching for the red arrow which was lost.  As best as we can tell from the old scrolls, it was the final arrow from the time of the great wars.  The Red Arrow has become a sacred reminder to the Diji people, signifying peace and tranquility for as long as any can remember.  War was over and peace reigned throughout the neighboring kingdoms.  But now the relic of peace is gone…stolen perhaps, removed, lost to history…  There is unrest in the land.  What does this foreboding sign mean?  The mystics of the Diji foretell of a time where the Red Arrow will be found again. 

An invitation has gone out from the King & Queen.  Gold has been offered.  A grand adventure…  Those from around the world are converging upon the Kingdom of Gonzaie, a gathering of epic proportions, a time of feasting and adventuring.  Perhaps we can find and return the Red Arrow to the Diji?  Has it been lost to history forever or can peace be restored to the land?

Our adventures each year will be loosely based on Ken’s unpublished book and will take place within the Kingdom of Gonzaie for thematic unity within the camp as a whole.


Our LARP Leadership

Please join us in celebrating Sir Stephen Griffith as a Knight of the Round Table, and the lead GM for GEOTL’s LARP team.  Sir Stephen has been building a collaborative LARP team and serving GEOTL’s LARP community in the areas of planning, story-writing, and creating LARP adventures within the world of the Kingdom of Gonzaie.

Serving by Sir Stephen’s side are his sister Meaghan, and friends, Ellie, Jonah, and Pat.  Sir Stephen and Meaghan led us in dance in past years and enjoy immersive LARPing.  Ellie and Jonah are both former camp staff members, and as such, bring a wealth of camp knowledge to the team that will help to enhance our experience.  Pat brings with him a desire for creative LARP interactions that transcend battles and what may be seen as “typical LARP”.

If you would like to help, please let us know so that we can write you into the story line.  For example, perhaps you are interested in participating as an NPC (non-player character) or helping to plan an adventure or quest.  We look forward to building together the unfolding storyline in the Kingdom of Gonzaie!


We would love to know your thoughts and questions so that we can better plan ahead.  Please e-mail us at

Castle Quests

Available in Castle (Dining Hall)

We encourage everybody to roleplay as much as they are comfortable and enjoy it (optional).  Together we are creating an immersive medieval and fantasy environment.  Feel free to dress up and get in character even if you are playing board games all day!

Another great time to get in full garb is the medieval castle feast in the dining hall on Saturday at 6pm.  Roleplay is encouraged, but not required.

What is Castle Questing?  

Castle Quests range from very easy to more difficult.  Some can be fulfilled playing board games, while others may require a bit of scavenging or working with others to achieve the goals.  Quests provide varying levels of rewards.  Some quests unlock other quests, while some reward real gold dollar coins or raffle tickets and more!  Quests are not completely linear, meaning sometimes they are one-off quests that stand on their own and can be skipped if desired…while other quests are critical to progression.

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