A unique Board Game Convention and Geek Adventure Camp located in the very heart of the Finger Lakes on Lamoka Lake in Upstate NY. We are just 15 minutes from Watkins Glen and Hammondsport, and central to many wineries and lakes; such as Seneca, Waneta, and Kueka!
Go to FREE DAILY ENTRY TO Great Escape on the Lake ’21

FREE DAILY ENTRY TO Great Escape on the Lake ’21

Medieval Feast on Aug. 21st @6pm $25!

Amenities that you may choose to add to your stay, such as Camping, Themed Meals, and camp activities such as archery and boating, have nominal fees to enable costs to be covered. The event itself is not intended to make a profit, however, our desire is to be able to fairly cover the expenses of those providing services for us.

Week long festivities culminate over an amazing weekend! “Themed” Meals available ~ Let our chef immerse you! Or visit the Hunger Haven smoothie and snack shop! For information, E-mail:

Go to Online Community Store

Online Community Store

We are creating access to affordable board games for all people.

We purpose to support the growth of existing board game communities; especially through the support of the Community Boardgame Network.

Over the past 6 years we have been encouraged to hear from people that live in communities all over the world.

Our new online web store is home to a growing selection of board games; the sale of which support this great cause.

FREE SHIPPING – You are able to purchase online and pick up at your closest GEA game store, free of shipping charges for local pickup, or have it delivered direct to you for a small fee.

Go to Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms

An ESCAPE ROOM is a fully immersive adventure game where groups of up to 12 people work together to interact with objects and clues to solve ciphers, riddles, and puzzles within a full size room or series of rooms.

The objective of the game is to attempt to solve the mystery and escape the room in under 60 minutes.

Have you ESCAPED lately?

Go to Organized Play

Organized Play

Play with others across Upstate & Western NY at our free-to-play tables.

Organized Play (OP) – Casual and Competitive. Warhammer 40k, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, L5R, and more…

Walden Galleria – Buffalo
Oakdale Mall – Johnson City
Shops at Ithaca – Ithaca
Arnot Mall – Horseheads

Contact: Nathan Yentzer, Organized Play Coordinator,


The Community Boardgame Network is a not-for-profit humanitarian organization that utilizes board gaming, adventure, and creativity to add value to communities surrounding Great Escape Adventures and beyond. Check us out on Facebook:
Community ~ Geek Life & Organized Play

> Our focus is to enable community connection in creative ways; such as, Board Game conventions and meet-ups, Community Guilds & Organized Play, “Live” Real-world Escape Hunts, and Escape Games of all types; including Adventure-themed Leadership, Team Building, and Educational Seminars.

>>> Community Boardgame Network events are intentional about nurturing a welcoming, judgment-free, safe, and family-friendly environment that is mutually considerate of all people. We see ourselves as building bridges to foster acceptance, self-love, and courage; adding life-giving and caring value to people and communities.

The Community Boardgame Network derives its funding from event admission fees, donations from “rounding up to the next dollar” at your participating FLGS, raffles, contests, and corporate sponsors.

Funds are used to reduce ticket costs paid by attendees, provide a DKP reward system for community events, including give-a-ways, and other various creative ways to carry out our humanitarian mission.

THANK YOU for Partnering with us!
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Life is beautiful. Let’s adventure together!
Ken & Jen Yentzer, Great Escape Adventures

  • Board Game Convention & Geek Adventure Camp

  • Being Written ~ Contributors Welcome

  • Brainstorm Phase~ Contributors Welcome

  • Play Throughs, and RPG's? We purchased a green screen, and two YouTube ready cameras, as well as, other equipment. More to come. ~ Contributors Welcome