January 19, 2023

GEOTL Donation Requests

Donation Requests – Attendance target 350 people, 500 max

  • Prizes / Give-a-ways / Gift Certificates / Coupons / Merch for 350 people and GM’s as a thank you.
  • Advertising Sponsorships & Vinyl Banners (entrance, parking lot, and board game halls) help us to keep camp costs lower than average, and provides funding for various areas as needed.
  • Tabletop Games – Play-to-Win, raffle, giveaways, prize support, game library, and tournaments.
  • Raffle Items – LARP, tabletop games, RPG’s, crafted items, vendor items. Raffle benefits GEOTL.
  • Lanyards, wide, w- holder for 350 people (Event maximum attendance – 500). “Lanyard Sponsor” recognition in convention booklet.  Lanyards with your company logo are welcome.  $500
  • Food – Themed Meals (150-200 people daily for 5 days; also, setup/teardown crew food) $30,000
  • Roleplay materials / terrain – LARP, RPG, Roleplay – for convention use, giveaways, & prize support.
  • Materials for workshops, camp signage, and various camp projects – Wood, paint, mod podge, brushes, tools, leather, cloth material, dense foam (varied size home insulation board). $2,000
  • Help getting the word out / Advertising GEOTL23 – Cross-promotion, social media, TV, radio, calendar of events, reddit, hand out GEOTL information at conventions, and overall help promoting.

Great Escape on the Lake

"The Most Adventurous Experience Ever"

The Community Board Game Network is a not-for-profit humanitarian organization that utilizes creativity, adventure, and board gaming to add value to local communities. All funds collected are used for expenses related to Great Escape on the Lake.  Our desire is to be able to fairly cover the expenses of those providing services for us.  *Application process underway for 501(c)3 status.

Refunds, less a 10% convenience fee, are provided up until Sat, July 1st, 2023. All purchases are final after Sat, July 1st.

Great Escape on the Lake
GPS: 3648 Lamoka Lake Rd, Bradford, NY 14815

Contact: GEOTL@GreatEscapeAdventures.net