March 11, 2021

Great Escape on the Lake 2021 – TableTop Games

Lending Library

Choose from our extensive library of free-to-play board games and/or bring your own! There will be a table designated for shared community board games for those who wish to share-and-share-alike with the community at large.
> This is a favorite part for some of us, but please participate in community sharing of board games at your own comfort level.

24/7 Board Gaming

Advance Board Game Planning:  Schedule board games, RPG’s, and miniature games by clicking above.

Grab a casual pickup game at any time without registering. Tables will be available 24 hours a day, all week long.  However registering games allows everyone to plan ahead (there is a $2 fee to sign up for games to cover the cost of the scheduling software, but there is no charge to add games).


Vendors will be provided an OUTDOOR 12' x 12' space. Your logo will be shown below if requested. Additional marketing opportunities in the convention program are available for any size donation.

$25 application fee + a donation of your choosing based on how well your sales do!

FREE Club & Guild Promotion with 12+ people camping and/or cabin reservations - Get your community clubs involved!

Great Escape on the Lake

"The Most Adventurous Experience Ever"

Life is beautiful. Let’s adventure together!
Ken & Jen Yentzer, and family
Founders, GEA Community Boardgame Network

Great Escape on the Lake 2021-22
3648 Lamoka Lake Rd, Bradford, NY 14815