March 9, 2020

You found a SHINY!

You found a SHINY!

And a very rare one at that...

This is your first
quest... And not everyone will have this quest, because they will not have found this page...but you did. It means you can win a premeier collection item if you finish the quest! YES!

You will have the opportunity to participate in COLLECTION QUESTS, if you sign up for one of our “Live” Adventure Questing Packages!

For example, your first Level 1 COLLECTION QUEST is finding every Parrot seen on this page at Great Escape on the Lake this year!

If you find all of the Parrots throughout the island, woods, fields, and even perhaps roosting where pirates are known to play…  *cough* …too many clues! 

Anyway, when you find all of the Parrots and turn them in to the Collections NPC, you will be considered to have completed your collection quest, and you will have earned a QUEST REWARD, and a replacement quest(s).