March 13, 2021

The Worship Gathering – Cabins, Camping, & Hotels




> Grants access to the grounds including camping in the woods or a field, and the ability to have a fire (fire ring not included).

We will provide about a 20′ x 20′ spot for every tent you bring.  Campers  will be provided more space as desired to be comfortable.



Perfect for families and large groups!


> Grants use of a Cabin and fire ring (you may cook over the fire if you prefer). 

Cabins sleep up to 12; include electric and heat.

CABIN RENTALS – rent your very own PRIVATE cabin for the event for $75/night.

*If it is best for tracking on your end if people register individually to track any added amenities they may request, please be sure to note your Group Name at checkout so that we can connect your reservations for planning purposes.

HOTEL Accomodations

A mere carriage-ride away from enjoying the daily festivities at your leisure, or perhaps touring our heritage vintners along the lakes!


Activity Badge – $50/event.  Grants access to all camp activities, for example, zip lines, archery and boating.

Medieval Themed Meals may be added.

If you prefer to stay off-site in air-conditioned comfort each night, there are hotels within 15+ minutes on other nearby lakes too!

Exhibitors / Vendors / Artists / Sponsors

BOOTH RENTALS - Exhibitors, vendors, and artists will be provided an outdoor 12' x 12' space (limited inside spaces available by request). - PLUS, your logo shown below if desired.

$25 registration + a donation of your choosing based on how well your sales do!

The Worship Gathering

"A gathering of Believers from "every tribe and nation" who desire to WORSHIP the Lord in Spirit and Truth. We love His Presence, and are crying for REVIVAL with genuine heart hunger and unity in the Spirit. Honoring with joy the differences given to us by the Lord. "

The Worship Gathering 2021
3648 Lamoka Lake Rd, Bradford, NY 14815