Mystery Booster Box [Convention Edition] (2021)


Each booster box contains 24 Mystery Booster Convention Edition 2021 Booster Packs. Each convention-exclusive Mystery Booster pack will contain fifteen cards: fourteen from the gigantically awesome main set, and one Research and Development Playtest card. Please keep in mind that all Playtest cards will have the following warning on them: TEST CARD – Not for Constructed Play.


  • 24 Mystery Booster Convention Edition Boosters, each with:
      • 2 white commons or uncommons
      • 2 blue commons or uncommons
      • 2 black commons or uncommons
      • 2 red commons or uncommons
      • 2 green commons or uncommons
      • 1 multicolor common or uncommon
      • 1 artifact or land common or uncommon
      • 1 rare or mythic rare with the card frame introduced in Core Set 2015
      • 1 card from before Core Set 2015 (can be a common, uncommon, rare or mythic rare)
    • 1 “playtest card”—an original design that sometimes bends Magic’s traditional rules

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 10 in