August 13, 2022

LARP 2022 – “Live” Adventure



“It is a Happy Talent, to know how to play.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

This LARP community is in its second year of development.  Our guiding philosophy is in the creation of an environment where participants can indulge in the activity of play. 

We wish each participant to explore the character that they have created in a shared world where magic works, magical creatures have been known to appear, treasure is real and the imagination rules. 

There is the possibility of combat, (using approved foam weapons, nerf crossbows, etc.) but combat is not the focus.  Players are playing with one another, not against. The challenges players may face are varied and should be approached in the attitude of play.  The overall objective is to have fun with others.

The overall theme of this adventure is The Laughing Otter School for Adventurers.

“The true object of all human life is play.” G.K. Chesterton

Players will have the opportunity to learn/practice costume creation, weapon, prop, and magical item building as well as take classes (in character, a la Hogwarts) to learn and practice skills that may be necessary for your characters in our adventures.  You choose what you may wish to experience each afternoon.

 Each evening, Wednesday-Saturday, role play in a tavern setting will take place for characters to meet, form parties or alliances, enjoy refreshments and beverages and tavern games.

Great Escape on the Lake

"The Most Adventurous Experience Ever"

Great Escape on the Lake
3648 Lamoka Lake Rd, Bradford, NY 14815