March 5, 2020

Great Escape on the Lake 2021 – “Build Your World”

LARP Adventurers’ Experiences at GEOTL21

Year 1- Building Our World

Year One, how exciting! On the following pages you will find the basic rules for our LARP, a character/player information sheet, and a participation agreement.

Also, you may email questions, concerns, requests directly to the Game Designer at, so that we can incorporate your characters into the story. Let us build a world we want to return to, time and again. And so, it begins…….

Our story begins upon the great festival of the Kingdom of Valmere, in the southernmost shire of Giliad, celebrating the reign of King Willem the Just, of the house Cariseth. Willem’s reign has been peaceful and prosperous as a result of the truce he negotiated with King Elliot of Waywyn, ending the Long War between Valmere and Waywyn. After the treaty was finalized and with five years of further negotiation with King Elliot, Willem the Just married Mysandra of Waywyn.
Giliad is the southernmost shire of the Kingdom. Bordering Giliad to the south is Gonzaie, home to the Pirate Clans, and their safe harbor, Haven. Peace and prosperity are sure to attract the attention of this seafaring population…

Will you test your skills in a tournament?
Will there be a royal visit for the feast?
Will the lure of prosperity be too much for the Pirate Clans?
What visitors might be drawn to the festival?
Elves? Dwarves? Mud Men? Diplomats? Mercenaries? Thieves?
Enchanters? Fae? Hedge Wizards? Alchemists? Merchants? Bards?
What mysteries, puzzles, challenges, or treasure might be found?
Let us find out, together.

“Hoist sail, ye flea bitten sea dogs!”, raged the infuriated captain of the vessel.  As the scow slowly slipped from the docks, red streamers of newfound dawn began to edge over the horizon.  Glimpses of shadows appeared and were gone as the bustle of merchants slowly crowded the littered streets in the now distant port…

Join us in creating your own MEDIEVAL WORLD!  Your fantasy adventure continues year-over-year with the same or different characters!

"Live" Adventuring Guild Experiences ~ FREE!

Try your hand at panning for gold!  One of Ken’s  enjoyable past times is to mine for gold.  Our dirt comes direct to us from Roaring Camp Mining Co. on Clinton Bar in the Mokelume River Canyon!

Enjoy FREE Daily Entry and just add the amenities you want!

We hope you’ll join our medieval fantasy-based adventure…you even have an island to find!

…you will be immersed in an effort to gather on Lamoka Lake once a year to come together to create a MEDIEVAL VILLAGE, Quest together, RPG, and play board games… Your camping gear and cosplay is what builds the village…

REMEMBER:  Bring your best immersive campsite – awards will be given!  Your camping gear and cosplay is what builds the village.

But do not despair if geek is not your only thingTHERE IS TRULY SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE!

Amenities such as camping and meals are available.  Also, a $10 camp activities badge enables boating, zip lines, climbing wall, canoeing, tubing, and more!  Or just walk the trails and enjoy nature.

24/7 gaming and immersion. We have the entire camp to ourselves every year! Join us for a day or stay for an unforgettable event! This unique convention is one for the scrapbooks!

> Community Boardgame Network events are intentional about nurturing a welcoming, judgment-free, safe, and family-friendly environment that is mutually considerate of all people.

YOU pick your adventure -- and maybe include boating and zip lines for just $10!

We invite you to join our story, and quest with us at your own pace. The story-line does not push you, rather, we guide the story so that it fits just right.

Its all about what YOU aspire for your character to do and to become…

GUILD CABINS, Camping, & Hotels

GUILD CABINS are perfect for long games and a great spot to store miniatures! Warhammer 40K, Twilight Imperium, Warmahordes, or perhaps you want your own private cabin for Dungeons & Dragons?

$10/night/person for a Hostel-style Cabin Bed.  Guild Cabins DO include electric and heat.

$75/night for a private cabin that sleeps up to 12! 

Or $20/night for a campsite to set up your own immersive spot.  A 20′ x 20′ camping location is provided. (Please note that you must bring your own tent, camper, or RV…you will be allocated a plot of ground).


GUILD CABINS have electric (and heat if the evenings are chilly)!

The following amenities are included with this package:

  • Live Adventure Questing Badge (Entire Event)
  • Activities Badge INCLUDED (Entire Event)
  • 5 days of 3 “Themed Meals” Daily
  • 4 Nights Shared Hostel-style Cabin Lodging (or camping if preferred)
  • You will build a level 1 character.
  • You will be able to purchase LARP Weapons on site!
  • Role/Title in Quest Story-line as it progresses.
  • ANNOUNCED Grand Entrance to the Medieval Feast on Sat, Aug. 21st @ 6pm!  Cosplay Encouraged.
  • EXCLUSIVE Manufacturer/Vendor swag for Quest Participants.
  • AND a LIMITED EDITION artwork print specifically commissioned to commemorate GEOTL’s first year…


Vendors will be provided an OUTDOOR 12' x 12' space. Your logo will be shown below if requested. Additional marketing opportunities in the convention program are available for any size donation.

$25 application fee + a donation of your choosing based on how well your sales do!

FREE Club & Guild Promotion with 12+ people camping and/or cabin reservations - Get your community clubs involved!

Great Escape on the Lake

"The Most Adventurous Experience Ever"

Great Escape on the Lake 2021
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