March 5, 2020

Great Escape on the Lake 2021 – Information



Geek medieval fantasy-based adventure…even an island with hidden treasure!

…you will be immersed in an effort to gather on Lamoka Lake once a year to come together to create a MEDIEVAL VILLAGE, Quest together, RPG, and play board games… Your camping gear and cosplay is what builds the village…

But do not despair if geek is not your thingTHERE IS SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE!

Swimming, volleyball, basketball, paintball, hiking, canoeing, fishing…family games of all types…and so so much more non-geek stuff too!

Daily Activity Fee: $15/day for a camp activities badge.

REMEMBER:  Bring your best immersive campsite – awards will be given!  Your camping gear and cosplay is what builds the village..

24/7 gaming and immersion. We have the entire camp to ourselves every year! Join us for a day or stay for an unforgettable week! This unique national convention is one for the scrapbooks!

> GEA Community Boardgame Network events are intentional about nurturing a welcoming, judgment-free, safe, and family-friendly environment that is mutually considerate of all people.

24/7 Board Gaming

Advance Board Game Planning:  Schedule board games, RPG’s, and miniature games by clicking below. For more info, email:

Grab a casual pickup game at any time without registering. Tables will be available 24 hours a day, all week long.  However registering games allows everyone to plan ahead (there is a $2 fee to cover the cost of the scheduling software.  CLICK BELOW TO REGISTER FOR BOARD GAMES!

"Live" Questing & Adventure


Level up, get new quest items, and more skilled and powerful every year!  Join us in creating your own MEDIEVAL WORLD!

Your fantasy adventure continues for a full week year-over-year with the same or different characters!  

I want to give you enough information to get you excited without spoiling anything! So, please read on, there are no spoilers here…only bait for your imagination!

We invite you to join our story, and quest with us for a week at your own pace. The story-line does not push you, rather, we guide the story so that it fits just right. Think of running a quest timeline in EQ2…  And, when its time for a hot pocket, it is!

Its all about what YOU aspire for your character to do and to become…  Did I mention that your character levels up with you year over year?  And that you can do monthly mini-quests throughout the year to prepare your character with “bonus” gear and other items, that are attainable in special ways, and are usable in the following years camp?!?!

The story-line...

The Story-line is being written by myself, family, and friends.

This annual week-long event has

Feasting and celebration, with a fantasy flourish, and set in medieval times.

It is influenced by, a personal favorite of Jen and I’s, “The Princess Bride”, and books and movies such as Narnia, by C.S. Lewis; and The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien!  As well as, contributions by authors such as, Mr. L.E. Modesitt Jr…and others…

GUILD CABINS are perfect for long games and a great spot to store miniatures! Warhammer 40K, Twilight Imperium, Warmahordes, or perhaps you want your own private cabin for Dungeons & Dragons?

GUILD CABINS & Camping, Hotels

$25/night/person for a Cabin Bed.  Guild Cabins DO include electric and heat.

Or $15/night/person for a campsite to set up your own immersive spot.  A 20′ x 20′ camping location is provided. (Please note that you must bring your own tent, camper, or RV…you will be allocated a plot of ground).

Lending Library

Choose from our extensive library of free-to-play board games and/or bring your own! There will be a table designated for shared community board games for those who wish to share-and-share-alike with the community at large.
> This is a favorite part for some of us, but please participate in community sharing of board games at your own comfort level.


To enjoy this package, please add the following amenities:

~ Entrance to the Medieval Feast on Sat, Aug. 21st @ 6pm! Cosplay Required for Entry.
~ 3 "Themed Meals" Daily - Your pick OR Bring and prepare your own food at your campsite!
~ Role/Title in Quest Story-line - Registration Required
~ Personalized Questline - Registration Required
~ EXCLUSIVE Manufacturer/Vendor swag for Quest Participants.
~ AND someone will take home a piece of LIMITED EDITION artwork specifically commissioned to commemorate GEOTL's first year...


Exhibitors - Booth Rentals

FLGS Guild Hall Sponsorships

Artist & Designer Partnerships

Great Escape on the Lake

"The Most Adventurous Experience Ever"

Great Escape on the Lake 2021
3648 Lamoka Lake Rd, Bradford, NY 14815