March 11, 2021

Great Escape on the Lake – Medieval Themed Meals

MEDIEVAL THEMED MEALS offered daily. Registration Req'd.

You may also choose to cook at your campsite!

The HUNGER HAVEN CAFE is affordable and available all day too - including smoothies, snacks, drinks, and quick "on-the-run" grab food! See Hunger Haven Menu and prices in the picture gallery below.

MEDIEVAL THEMED MEALS – Offered daily.  Registration Req’d.  
Breakfast – $6, Lunch – $10, Dinner – $12, and the Medieval Feast on Sat. @ 6pm is $25.
Ben’s Tavern: Portable Potables and Comestibles for All,
is pleased to announce their planned menu for the upcoming Grand Adventure!
A few points of note:
– Food and patron safety will be the first priority at all times.
– All meals will have vegan options and gluten free options
– All other food allergies should be brought to the attention of the kitchen BEFORE the event and will be accommodated as much as possible. Nuts will be used in this menu (but not peanuts)!
– Kids meal options will be available for any child not comfortable with any of the regular food options. Hot dogs, chicken fingers, mac & cheese, PB&J will be available.
– Water, lemonade, and cold tea (basic and herbal) will always be available, bring bottles so you can carry beverages out to the field.
Day 1 – Welcome Travelers!
Breakfast – Granola, cereal, breads, fruit/nut breads, yogurt, jam, butter, fruit, orange juice, milk, coffee, hot tea will be available at all breakfasts.
Special: Eggs and fried polenta will be available with assorted toppings: shredded cheese, salsa, onions, peppers, ham
Lunch – A Ploughman’s lunch! This will feature breads, preserved meats (salami, smoked turkey), cheeses, pickled veggies, raw veggies, hummus, breads, wraps, fruit. Condiments will be available for sandwich making if that’s your preference. If you want to make a meal to go bring a food carrier!
Dinner – In honor of all our Travelers we bring you a salute to the most famous traveler of all – Marco Polo!
Your meat choices: teriyaki chicken, venison meatballs, scampi, 5 spice shrimp. Vegetable choices: stuffed vegan peppers, zucchini & squash sautéed, steamed broccoli, Szechuan green beans. Gluten free spaghetti and brown rice will be available as a go with, along with a light tomato sauce.
Oh!!! And we’ll have pizza, (max 12″) with a few topping choices. Breads, fruits, and sweetmeats (dessert) will be on hand.
Day 2 – Home from the Hunt
Breakfast – Standard breakfast kit
Special: Bacon, pancakes, vegan pancakes. Maple syrup and homemade applesauce will be on hand!
Lunch – We’re taking the Ploughman’s lunch and kicking it up a notch. Pasta salad, chicken salad, and meatball calzones. No mayonnaise will be harmed in the making of the salads. Items may vary depending on availability.
Dinner – We trust our hunters will be successful so we are planning Boar night! Ham (with pineapple gravy, thanks to some pirates we know), sausage mixed grill, and pork tenderloin. We have a root vegetable sauté for our vegan friends. Also kale, leeks, and fresh salads. As always, breads, fruits, and sweetmeats will be on hand.
Day 3 – Family and Friends night
Breakfast – Standard breakfast kit
Special: Our version of bangers and mash – breakfast sausages, fried potatoes with onion, fried tomatoes, leeks. Vegan falafel too, oh my!
Lunch – Starting with the basic Ploughman’s, but with some additions – sliced ham, sliced pork, salad. Items may vary depending on availability.
Dinner – What better way to celebrate our newfound friendships than with a BBQ?! ½ Chickens, ribs, tavern steaks (burgers), Portobello steaks, corn on the cob, red cabbage slaw, vegan baked beans (enough for everyone!), potato crisps, salad. As always, breads, fruits, and sweetmeats will be on hand.
Day 4 – Feast Day!!!
Breakfast – Standard breakfast kit
Special: eggs scrambled with ham (ask if you want meatless), bacon, vegan falafel, polenta
Lunch – As always, starting with the based Ploughman’s. There will be shredded chicken, assorted salads, ground meat. Items may vary depending on availability.
Dinner – Feast!! Roast turkey, roast beef, grilled fish, gravies, zucchini/corn/red pepper pancakes, roasted vegetables (potatoes included!), beet and spinach salad, and no yolk noodles. As always, breads, fruits, and sweetmeats will be on hand.
Special desserts (We’re not telling!!) will be offered as well.
Day 5 – Farewell to all
Breakfast – Standard breakfast kit
Special: toad in the hole, stuffed mushrooms (vegan)
Lunch – Basic Ploughman’s of course, but then: roasted tomato vegetable soup, sliced turkey and roast beef, salads. Items may vary depending on availability.
Dinner – you’re still here? Well good! We’re going to have assorted hand pies – meat and meatless – and other vegetables on the side (tbd). As always, breads, fruits, and sweetmeats will be on hand.
Recipes from Harry Potter Cookbook, D&D Cookbook, Irish Pub Cookbook

Exhibitors / Vendors / Artists / Sponsors

Exhibitors, vendors, and artists will be provided an outdoor 12' x 12' space. Your logo will be shown below if desired. Additional marketing opportunities in the convention program available.

$25 application fee + a donation of your choosing based on how well your sales do!

FREE Club & Guild Promotion with 12+ people camping and/or cabin reservations - Get your community clubs involved!

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