January 22, 2021

GEOTL Background Prep Page – ROUGH DRAFT – For Reference Only – not for public

Great Escape on the Lake 2020, June 8-14, 2020

A unique Board Game Convention and Geek Adventure Camp

You will be spending the week in the very heart of the Finger Lakes on Lamoka Lake in Upstate NY.  We are just 15 minutes from Watkins Glen and Hammondsport, and central to many wineries and lakes; such as Seneca, Waneta, and Kueka!

24/7 gaming and immersion.  We have the entire camp to ourselves every year!  Join us for a day or stay for an unforgettable week!  This unique national convention is one for the scrapbooks!


Life is beautiful. ,Let’s adventure together in genuine organic community.

The GEA Community Foundation, GEACF, 501C3,

was publicly launched on January 1st, 2020 at 00:00:00 am! (filing in process)


Join story-telling by the fire at the lake or the community jam and nightly fire by the Village Square.

Please bring instruments; theme: folk/mountain music.  Feel free to set up with unplugged wood/wind/string in the evenings. 


It’s fun for the whole guild…err, I mean family…and even for the non-geek muggle that comes with you! There is the Dragon Cafe (a smoothie and snack shop), zip lines (pending NYS inspection), canoeing, rock climbing wall, hiking, fishing, a pirate ship playground for children, themed meals (optional), childcare, and much more!

Acres upon acres for Guild Cabins, tent camping, RVs and pop-up campers! Join us for a week of geek immersion; from board gaming to “Live” Adventure, archery to panning gold, sleeping all day to canoeing, and even an escape hunt to find hidden treasure on our very own island!



Join us in the Village Square for fencing demonstrations on Sat, June 13th, 2020 at Great Escape on the Lake. We WELCOME Members from the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism, SCA.org)! Thank you to Donnchadh Ruadh Mac Griogair, Member, SCA, for leading this!


24/7 BOARD GAMING (& Role Playing Games)

> Grab a pickup game at any time! Tables will be available 24 hours a day, all week long.

> Advance Game Planning: Schedule and register board games and RPG’s through our TableTop link.  COMING SOON!


24/7 Indoor and Outdoor Options for board gaming, and geek break-outs!



Choose from our extensive library of free-to-play board games and/or bring your own! There will be a table designated for shared community board games for those who wish to share-and-share-alike with the community at large. > This is a favorite part for some of us, but please participate in community sharing at your own comfort level. We will gladly help you find replacements, however you accept responsibility for lost pieces.


SHARED BOARD GAME TABLE Choose from our extensive free-to-play library of board games and/or bring your own!


CAMPING & Other Accommodations

GUILD CABINS are still available for this coming June 8-14th, 2020!

> LOCKABLE Guild cabins are perfect for gaming. Lock it and go to the bonfire! No worry, no muss, no fuss. Perfect for long games and expensive miniatures! Warhammer 40K, Twilight Imperium, Warmahordes, or perhaps you want your own private cabin for Dungeons & Dragons? Guild Cabins include electric and heat.

Tents & RV’s – There are enough woods and fields for thousands of people to tent, bring pop-up campers, and RV’s.

Hotel Accommodations – If you prefer to stay off-site in air-conditioned comfort each night, there are hotels within 15+ minutes on the lakes too!

GUILD CABINS – Include electric and heat. We have cabins that sleep from 2 to 18 people. Awards and Swag will be given for the best outside re-creation of medieval times. Steampunk is included because there is a Mark Twain influenced time-travel component written into the week long immersive story-line. 18 Cabins available.

A mere carriage-ride away from enjoying the daily festivities at your leisure, or perhaps touring our heritage vintners along the lakes!



Join us in creating your own MEDIEVAL WORLD!

> Your GEOTL 2020 QUEST LINE Begins Here:

TOGETHER… We are creating an annually continuing week-long MEDIEVAL WORLD.We will prepare the camp, make sure the infrastructure is set up, plan the activities, pay the bills…you know, the NOT fun stuff. We have already been writing the immersive story-line, and that has been SO MUCH FUN! Just wait…oh, we are so excited!

WHAT IS MY GUILDS CONTRIBUTION? First and foremost, bring what you need to set up an immersive camp site and Guild Cabin (you are welcome to come in as early as June 5th to set up, and can leave as late as the 18th for cleanup.  You can add the number of additional nights and meals you would enjoy).

Year over year it should feel more and more like a hastily established Medieval Village from a great gathering of adventurers responding; Guilds from all over the world responding to an epic call! Please find your place in the community in whatever way is most enjoyable to you.  We are a community of guilds from all over the world that are preparing all year long to gather together for one week together each year!  Things such as helping sew the livery and various cosplay for the volunteer staff, decorating for the medieval dinner, leading the folk music every night at the camp, retailing, blacksmith vendors and demonstrations, teaching break-out sessions at camp, e.g. how to forge a throwing axe, vending hand-made wares.  Let’s continuing dreaming together and using our imagination to inspire those around us as we draw from the inspiration of so many others that have gone before us. Will our Guild Community gather to build and live in a village for a week each year?  I say, nay, we will build a MEDIEVAL WORLD together!

The story-line and rule sets will be released via our website. Some may consider what we hope to achieve to be similar to LARPing, while others say nay. You decide…  Welcome to the adventure!

Your Community Guild’s primary mission for 2020 is to use cosplay and/or re-creation to CREATE A MEDIEVAL WORLD within your 20’ x 20’ tent spot. Or if you rented a Guild Cabin, in all good fun, try to “out do” the Guild Cabin near you! Daily awards will be given for tent campers and for Guild Cabins; culminating in final honors being bequeathed at the medieval ball on Friday night at 6pm!

That’s right… You bring the geek immersion with you. You ARE the geek… that is why we invited you to hang out with us. There is no requirement for cosplay, however one perk is that those with the best cosplay and re-creation will be camped closest or actually within the Medieval Village itself! Great Escape on the Lake 2020’s level of geek immersion will be driven by the Guild Communities year over year.
Let’s join together to make this a continuing annual tradition for years to come!

QUESTS & Quest Rewards

Upon registration for Questing, please email us a rough character bio ASAP, but preferably no later than May 1st, 2020 if possible. We will do our best to adapt your character profile for the story-line for 2020. Thank you for your patience and help developing our systems this first year – we are considering our beta-testing for future years. For 2021 we will have more time to work with you to build your character and your camp all year long!

> You may pick from anything medieval, steampunk, or that would be found in Everquest II. Gunpowder has not been discovered.

> We will have a Questing packet ready for you when you arrive.

> *Cosplay is not required to participate in quests, however Cosplay and/or re-creation is required to set up camp or have a Guild Cabin in the Medieval Village itself. Awards will be given daily in many categories; culminating in high honors being given at the medieval ball on Friday night.

You may pick from anything medieval, steampunk, or that would be found in Everquest II. Gunpowder has not been discovered.

We’ll make sure you get your first few quests from the NPC right when you arrive for camp. There there will be lots of daily & weekly quests to choose from. Un-revealed quests may be swapped out for more desirable quest lines. A cool-down and trade fee usually applies.

Awards & Swag given for best medieval re-recreation and cosplay! (Steampunk fits story-line)


You and your Guild earn cool swag for successfully completed quests. There are better rewards for harder objectives, whether crafting, or joining your fellow adventurers to vanquish mobs invading our camp!

Portions of the story-line must be advanced to be rewarded properly at the medieval ball on Friday night.

Certain quest reward items level up with use each year, and are usable in subsequent camp years to more easily succeed in future story-line components if you have them. For example, a failed encounter this year may be successful next year if enough people with upgraded items returned the following year to face the encounter together again (or a parallel path encounter).

Join the handmade crafts competitions; bows, staffs, and walking sticks must be made on location and are judged prior to the Friday evening ball (you may only use hand tools which you provide and bring with you)!

You may choose to camp in the Medieval Village* Our goal is re-creation of a medieval travelling camp that is slowly gaining adventurers as they answer a great call! The village will be used daily in the story-line, including daily and weekly quests during the day only. Schedules will be provided. *public cosplay requirements apply to camping in the village itself.

Yes! We WILL have our own PICKLE MAN!


THEME: Great Escape on the Lake

A story began to unfold 30 years ago with a tale of friendship…and alas, true love, and it is reflected in the Quests, the choice of the overall camp feel, the forest, and the Fire Swamp. The quests have also been heavily influenced by our enjoyment of playing Everquest II together for so many years… And from the many hours each of us have enjoyed reading books over the years… But, alas, I digress…

A Swashbuckling Tale of Adventure & Romance

Jen and I’s greatest pleasure is to share with you a memory…a love story. Our story. Wait, I know, I know… there is kissing and stuff. We’ll skip that part too…


Jen invited me to watch “The Princess Bride” for the first time. Little did I realize, as we watched it together, what this actually meant to her. Much later, I think on our honeymoon, she presented me a stack of cards, letters, and poems ~ some addressed to “My dearest Wesley”~ But written from before she had met me.

Others have a song, Jen and I have a movie… The day I saw Jen for the first time, I was watching from the audience as she performed in a college play. One of her friends had told me that we would marry for sure if only we met. And then she told me where I could see Jen for the first time without her knowing it; a blind date of sorts! So, my interest effectively piqued and my curiosity getting the better of me, I attended the play, and I sat near enough to see her. I was close enough, but just far enough away too. And all of this unbeknownst to Jen… That evening was the final showing of the play, and someone took me to the cast party. I awkwardly made my way to her full table and pulled a chair up to the outside corner where I was sure to be in everyone’s way, but I was there…just inside Jen’s reach, but not within an uncomfortable range of her acting friends who were properly invited and appropriately seated. But, still, she received me well…allowing me to feed her romantically from a cluster of grapes while we enjoyed getting to know each other.

I awkwardly pulled a chair up to the outside corner of Jen’s already full table

Jen then invited me, this nervous candidate, to watch what would be my first of many viewings of “The Princess Bride”! Later, on our honeymoon, Jen presented me with a stack of cards, letters, and poems ~ some addressed to “My dearest Wesley” ~ written for me from before she had met me! One of our personal passions is to sit together and muse…to just “be” together…to dream, to make music, to create, to find our VOICE.




>>>> PURPOSE:  GEA Community Foundation

The GEA Community Foundation, GEACF, 501C3, is a not-for-profit humanitarian organization whose mission manifests itself in many creative and imaginative ways; including geek-themed gatherings in towns and villages around the world; > Geek-themed community gatherings such as, Board Game Conventions, “Adventure-influenced” Conventions, Community Guilds & Organized Play, “Live” Real-world Escape Hunts, and Escape Games of all types.

> Geek-themed Leadership and Educational Seminars.

> We see ourselves as building bridges to foster acceptance, self-love, and courage; adding life-giving and caring value to people and communities locally, nationally, and in countries around the globe!

>>>    GEACF events are intentional about nurturing a welcoming, judgment-free, safe, and family-friendly environment that is mutually considerate of all people.


THANK YOU for partnering with us!

The GEA Community Foundation, GEACF, 501C3, is a not-for-profit humanitarian and education driven organization that derives its funding from event admission fees, donations that come to us from “rounding up to the next dollar” at your participating FLGS, raffles, contests, Guild Memberships, and corporate sponsors.

Funds generated at GEACF events and other charitable giving will be used to reduce ticket costs paid by attendees, and to carry out our mission in the manner that is the most beneficial and consistent with our goal of Awareness and Prevention of Suicide, as well as, other humanitarian needs. We may also use funds to support other 501C3 organizations that have a similar mission.

Life is beautiful. Let’s adventure together in genuine organic life-giving community.

Ken & Jen Yentzer, Owners, Great Escape Adventures



REGISTRATION is as easy as Picking Your Adventure Pass, and adding any extras you may desire; such as camping and themed meals.

♡ 7 Day Adventure Pass $50/person, June 8-14th, 2020.  $75 Value. Get 2+ free days!

> 3 Day Adventure Pass $25/person, Fri, Sat, Sun, June 12-14th, 2020.  $35 Value.  Get 1 free day!

> Saturday Adventure Pass $15/person, June 13 (a portion of each sale is being donated toward Suicide Awareness and Prevention, and other charitable causes).

> 1 Day Adventure Pass $10, Any day Mon thru Fri; Sun.  Evening Adventure Pass $5, every evening. $5 after 5pm.

*Children ages 5 and under are FREE admission.

All Adventure Passes provide admission for the specified day(s) to include full use of the entire campground on Lamoka Lake, all board gaming, and included activities and immersive content such as the magical wooded kingdom (yes!), Geek and medieval activities, the escape hunt, access to NPC’s and all LARPing content, archery, climbing wall,  and low ropes course.  There are various restroom accommodations; including public stall style and private lockable restrooms; handicap accessible.  Along with all other camp amenities!

Upon arriving, and presenting your tickets at the Welcome tent, you will be provided a different color admission wrist band for each day purchased; each person is required to wear one on the wrist at all times while on the grounds.

EXTRAS: You may enjoy some optional amenities and activities such as camping, themed meals, guild cabins, and paintball!


THEMED MEALS (optional)

Let us do the work for you so you can spend your time enjoying the adventure and activities! Whether you are just looking for help with a few meals, lunch periodically, or you would like us to take care of your themed meals all week long, we’ve got you covered!

Early Bird Meal Prices through 4/25/2020: $6 / $8 / $12 ($20 Friday Medieval Dinner).  Meal Times (Approximate):  Breakfast 8:00 – 10:00am,  Lunch Noon – 2:00pm,  Dinner 5:00 – 7:00pm

Dragon Cafe – A Coffee,  Smoothie, and Mid Day Meal Shop – A pay-as-you-go phenomenal geek themed snack shop will run every day as well – including themed smoothies, quesadillas, french fries, and other grab-and-go foods!

Medieval Themed Dinner, Fri, June 12th, 6pm – Our theme Friday, “The Princess Bride” would not be replete without a majestic ball to continue our romantic tale of adventure, love, and daring sacrifice… Perhaps for Friday evening we should add just a hint of Cinderella…   Your meal this evening includes your personal royal invitation to a multi-course medieval themed Chef inspired creation of such elegance, that the wizards of Harford themselves said they’d be in attendance…so discerning do they believe their palate to be; but, alas, your every guest need will be attended to by our caring and highly trained court staff.  Along with the festivities, our court jester, and other important Kingdom business planned for the evening,…you are sure to have a grand time!

LODGING / CAMPING (optional)

*Must be used with Adventure Pass*     Check-in:  Anytime after 9am.  Check-out: At your your leisure on your departure day.

Tent Camping – $20/tent per night, Mon-Sat Camping does not include electric.  Site will be roughly 20′ x 20′, and may have a camp fire.

Cabins – $125/cabin per night, Mon-Sat (sleeps up to 12) Cabins include electric, heat, and are lockable.  Restrooms and showers are close, and include a camp fire ring.


Guild Cabins (groups) $600/week, 7 Day, 6 Night (limited availability)  Cabins may be converted to use as a spacious lockable protected demonstration or gaming area; additional camping will be provided at no additional charge.) $25 Non-refundable application fee (goes toward $600 upon application approval.  You will be assigned a cabin and additional camping locations if desired). – At a minimum, your cabin must be thematically immersive immediately out front. – Guild cabins (and guild tents from the LARPing village will be awarded commendations each year in several categories; such as, most immersive, most original, clearest “Historical Re-creation”, etc. – You may display, sell, market your group or organization, and promote yourself fully within and outside of your cabin space, but it must fit impressively within the theme each year.  In 2020, the theme is medieval, patterned after The Princess Bride and Everquest II. – We reserve the right to approve guilds on the basis of what we feel adheres best thematically and impressively for the event.  Sleeps up to 12 people.

PLATINUM APARTMENT SPONSORSHIP $1,200/week – 2 bedroom, 1 living room with couch and chair, table w-2 chairs, mini-kitchen with mini fridge, microwave, sink (no stove), personal shower and bathroom.  Electric. Heat. Sunset view of lake, wooden porch w-evening chairs. Sleeps 6 (1 full, 3 twins, 1 couch. (Location L4)

GOLD APARTMENT SPONSORSHIP $1,000/week – 1 large room with an adjoining bathroom, full size fridge, microwave, sink (no stove), and personal shower and bathroom.  Electric. Heat. Sunset view of lake, wooden porch w-evening chairs. Sleeps 10 (bunk style). (Location L5)

SILVER APARTMENT SPONSORSHIP $750/week – 1 bedroom, 1 living room with mini fridge, microwave, and personal shower and bathroom.  Electric. Heat. Sunset view of lake semi-obstructed. Sleeps 5 (bunk style). (Location L5)

RV HOOKUP SITE (2 available) $375/week Includes electric and septic hookup.  approx. 20′ x 50′.

RV SEPTIC BADGE $20/week  – Allows RV’s and campers to refill water and dump their septic and gray water at a designated pull through site as many times as needed during the event.

ELECTRIC – RV and Camper Generator – If personal generator use is desired, a field approved for Generator use is available for camping (it’s walking distance to the village square).  We may be providing RV hookups if there is enough demand.  Please email GEA@GreatEscapeAdventures.net if interested.  Cost is estimated at $60/day.

MASSEUSE – $30/20 minutes (time slot booked later).

PAINTBALL – $20/Equipment+100 balls.

CHILDCARE – $10/hr ($5/hr for each add’l child).  Childcare is available daily by appointment at your arrival at the event.  Please email GEA@GreatEscapeAdventures.net in advance so that we are expecting you.  Payment will be cash or credit card at the time of childcare.

BOARD GAMES DELIVERED FREE to GEOTL 2020.  We will have pre-ordered games waiting for you at check in!  Just place your order on our website prior to Mid-May!  Select the delivery option “Local Pickup Great Escape on the Lake” for FREE shipping to camp!