March 6, 2020

Great Escape on the Lake 2021 – Information, Guild Cabins, Camping, & Hotels


Give-a-ways and Prizes every day!  Awards and Swag will be given for the best outside re-creation of medieval times and steampunk!  Steampunk is legally written into the week long immersive story-line, and “Live” Adventure Questing rule-set.

 BEFORE COMING  If you would enjoy a better feel for the immersive story-line, rule set, and theme or “adventure feel” that we are all trying to create together, you may enjoy the ramblings noted under “Live” Adventure Questing.  Thanks for building a MEDIEVAL VILLAGE together!  Its going to be so much fun year over year!



> Grants access to the grounds for the entire week, including camping in the woods or a field, and the ability to have a fire (fire ring not included).

We will provide about a 20′ x 20′ spot for every tent you bring.  Campers  will be provided more space as desired to be comfortable, e.g. building questing villages with your guildies, or even wanting a bit more rustic private space.  You have it all!


“Themed” Meals for the entire week may be added.

“Live” Adventure Questing may be added for $50.

There are enough woods and fields for thousands of people to tent, including fields for pop-up campers, RV’s, and campers using generators.

Campers will be placed in camping communities that are similar to their camping style preference as best as possible.

If you are quiet camping, and would prefer it, you can camp in the nether regions of the Emerald Forrest…

Guild Cabins

Perfect for long games and expensive miniatures!

Warhammer 40K, Twilight Imperium, Warmahordes, or perhaps you want your own private cabin for Dungeons & Dragons?


“Themed” Meals for the entire week.

“Live” Adventure Questing may be added for $50.



> Grants use of a Guild Cabin and fire ring (you may cook over the fire if you prefer). 

Guild Cabins sleep up to 12 (or 18); include electric and heat.

Private Cabins require at least 6 beds to be reserved*.

CABIN RENTALS (any group size), however at least 6 beds must be reserved, either separately or all at once, for your group of any number to rent your very own PRIVATE cabin for the week.

*It is best for tracking on our end if people register individually to track any added amenities, however be sure to note your Guild Name at checkout so that we can connect your reservations for planning purposes.

Hotel Accomodations

A mere carriage-ride away from enjoying the daily festivities at your leisure, or perhaps touring our heritage vintners along the lakes!


Day Badge – $15/day/person ($50/event).  Grants access to all camp activities, for example, archery and boating.

“Themed” Meals for the entire week may be added.

“Live” Adventure Questing may be added for $50.

If you prefer to stay off-site in air-conditioned comfort each night, there are hotels within 15+ minutes on other nearby lakes too!